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The Green Hard Wax

The most innovative wax, The Vegetable Hard Wax, has revolutionized the waxing industry.This particular wax has gained popularity rapidly due to its organic components, such as: beeswax, pine tree extract, rosins, and Aloe Vera, that when combined create a preservative-free wax specially made for sensitive skins, and all other skins. Because of the wax’s consistency and elasticity, the wax is only heated to a couple of degrees over body temperature, allowing the estheticians at WaxArt Spa the ability to apply and reapply the strip-free wax as many times as needed without burning or irritating the skin as much as traditional waxing, and causing little or no discomfort when removed. The Vegetable Hard Wax shrinks around the shaft, not the skin, ensuring that our guests will be free from unwanted hair for 2 to-4 weeks depending on the individual’s hair growth pattern, and that this beautifying treat will hydrate and maintain the skin’s softness. We welcome women and men to try the technique and expertise that makes WaxArt Spa unique.